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Hodgepodge Records dot com is officially live!

May 27, 20140 Comments

When I started this label in 2009, I was releasing my own stuff and things I had collaborated on. This website has been a long time coming, and I’m really happy with the way it has turned out.

Hodgepodge Records is a Los Angeles-based netlabel. I’ll help with online identity, design, branding, sales and marketing. I’ve worked every step of the music industry, from web stuff to high profile studio recording to performance to academic to film to a bunch of other stuff I’m forgetting to mention right now. I take the equivalent of a pseudo-manager’s fee, which is tiny compared to most labels, because really I just want to help my friends get good music out there.

I want this site to be a resource for any musician at any level. We’ll feature artist profiles not only for bands, but for designers, videographers, studios, and anyone else who contacts me with links to their work.

This is going to be a label that’s looking to the future, that has a sense of what it means to be a musician and performing artist in the age of the internet. And finally, I’m most excited to announce our first official, non-me band:


Meet our first band, Blackberry Tongues

Blackberry Tongues

Blackberry Tongues is made up of three CalArts graduates: Sean Fitzpatrick on drums, Rusty Kennedy on bass, and Lauren Davis on rhodes and lead vox. The collaboratively composed music consists of lush harmonies over odd meters and classically inspired harmonic progressions.

The band perfectly represents what made me originally choose the name “Hodgepodge”: I want this label to be a home for bands who don’t know what to say whenever anyone asks what type of music they play. That’s the problem I’ve always run into when trying to explain my music to others. I don’t want to try and figure out which buzzword most makes someone want to hear a song. I just want them to listen to it and make their own decisions.

Blackberry Tongues makes challenging yet ultimately accessible music. Listening to their music makes you feel like you’re growing up a little bit. They use pedals on their pitched instruments and pie tins on their drum set. These three musicians combined represent an incredible amount of talent, and I couldn’t be happier to have them on board.



If you are a musician, visual artist, web designer, sound studio, or anyone related to the music industry and would like an artist profile page on this site, please send us a link to your site and short bio, or anything else you feel like.

Announcing some changes

May 3, 20140 Comments

Hodgepodge Records is officially live and also officially not a redirect to Bandcamp. We will be signing bands and actively updating on a regular basis.

This will not be like your average record label site. We will featureĀ info and profiles for every label collaborator. Hodgepodge Records will be a central resource for musicians, studios and visual artists savvy to the changing landscape of the music industry.

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