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Tonight, tonight! Blackberry Tongues release “We Are Open Mouths” at Ham ‘n Eggs!

January 15, 20150 Comments

The much-anticipated debut album from progressive fusion-everything band Blackberry Tongues drops today! “We Are Open Mouths” is the brainbaby of Lauren Michelle Davis, who wrote, arranged, sings and plays keys for every song. Accompanied by lush harmonies from drummer Sean Fitzpatrick and FX queen Kathryn Shuman, rounded out by huge bass lines from Rusty Kennedy, Blackberry Tongues have poured their sweat and blood and tears and love and probably lots of tea and coffee into this amazing new album.

The soundscape is a mishmash of metal, jazz and classical, with complex contemporary harmonies reminiscent of the likes of Schoenberg and Webern. The complex odd meters and polyrhythms constantly challenge the listener, taunting the ears between groove sessions with a constantly unexpected, always virtuosic sound.

The album release show will also feature the excellent Spaceman Band, then the Tongues, followed by a DJ set from the awesome BEFOREMAN. Cover is a measly $5 and we’ll go all night. The show is 21 and older. See you there!

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Blackberry Tongues on Hodgepodge


Blackberry Tongues

Blackberry Tongues debut their new album at Red Dragon

May 4, 20140 Comments

Blackberry Tongues perform “Gelatinous” off their debut album, “We Are Open Mouths” at the Red Dragon Cafe in Silverlake.

Blackberry Tongues are a progressive rock metal jazz trip hop fusion trio from Los Angeles, California. Switching effortlessly from odd meters to serious grooves, their technical mastery combined with a unique aesthetic and rich vocal harmonies create a genre-bending smorgasbord of awesome.

The band features Lauren Davis on keys and lead vocals, Rusty Kennedy on bass and backup vocals, and Sean Fitzpatrick on drums and backup vocals.

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